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July 18, 2006 at 12:09 pm | Posted in xubuntu | 2 Comments

Here’s my current setup: Is it IceWM or Gnome? Can you tell?

IceWM screenshot

It’s IceWM with a composite manager, xfce4-terminal and Opera. I got myself set up with IceWM following this guide here: I’m using the IceBuntu theme, and used Icepref to configure it to my liking. I followed the guide here: The Composite Manager Guide: How to Get Vista-ish Effects in (K)(X)Ubuntu to get transparency and shadow effects, and disabled GDM and used Mingetty with my guide. It’s lightning fast!



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  1. It’s *really* nice. I thought that IceWM could only be ugly 😉
    Do you think you could provide the config file(s)? We are planning to make IceWM and Fluxbox available on the CD for the next Xubuntu release, but we need to have something quite nice and usable. I’ve not checked yet, but it might be quite easy to provide a default config file in the package.

    (you can mail me: gauvainpocentek AT ubuntu DOT com or the xubuntu-devel list if you’re interested)

  2. Really pretty! Indeed IceWM can be a nice alternative for low end systems (with composite disables of course 🙂 )

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