Howto: Remove menu entries from the System menu

August 4, 2006 at 10:05 am | Posted in tips and tricks, xubuntu | 23 Comments

With the built-in menu editor, you cannot remove menu entries from the System menu. Here’s how:

1) Go to the /usr/share/applications folder. Copy and paste in the terminal (Xfce menu > System > Terminal):

cd /usr/share/applications

2) This folder should be full of .desktop files. To see how many there are, type


Say the one you want to edit is Firefox. Copy and paste into the terminal:

sudo mousepad firefox.desktop

3) In the bottom of the file, paste the following:


Save and exit. Now Firefox won’t show up in the System menu. You can do this with any program.


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  1. Thanks for the hint. But what do you do with menu entries which do not show up in /usr/share/applications (e.g., apps installed via wine)? Any idea?

  2. To create an entry, use another .desktop as a template and modify it with the correct name and path for the program you want to run, then save it as “new_program_name.desktop” (where new_program_name is the program you wanted in your menu).

  3. extra tip: not all .desktop files are under /usr/share/applications.

    do ” locate *.desktop” to find them all

    i wanted to remove some “Root Shell” icon, and it was found in /home/rob/.kde/share/apps/konsole/su.desktop 🙂

  4. Heya, had some real issues trying to find azureus, i added using alacarte, but then it jsut disapeared but stayed in sys menu, turns out it went to .local/share/applications/Azureus.desktop , was case sensitive, so i didn’t find it for a while -_-“

  5. Hi, the menu entries are located in .desktop file.
    After installing a bunch of program using wine, I found out that after install them, they were still in the menu entries under the category “Other” (I’m using Ubunut).

    What I did was:
    sudo locaet *.desktop
    and locate delete those entries you don’t want to appear in the menu.
    Just make backup in case.

    If the list is too long you can use this command:
    sudo locate *.desktop > ~/Desktop/menu
    and search for it in the menu file on you desktop

  6. Correction: I’s using xubuntu, not ubuntu

  7. It’s better to just use “sudo locate *.desktop | less” rather than possibly overwrite a file in your home directory, and at the very least create an unnecessary extra file.

  8. as OunSu im also using xubuntu, and ive found some shortcuts that shows in the category “Other” (that wine is using) in this directory:


    sorry if my english is bad, im from sweden 🙂

    • ~/.local/share/applications

      Chromium installs application “bookmarks” (for desktop) in there. Took me hours to find out. Thanks. Xubuntu needs a proper menu editor…

  9. Thanks for your comment there, tommy. It was helpful where the others failed. I wish I had read your comment first instead of trying everything else and coming up with nothing. Apparently the files I was looking for were not .desktop files. ^_^;;;

  10. I second that. Tommys’ solution solved my wine issue. Thanks.

  11. I would like to thank Tommy as well. Check your ~/.local/applications folder

    Thank you

  12. I have xubuntu.
    How do I locate ~/.local/share/applications/wine/

  13. Never mind.
    I found out that you have to show hidden files before you can locate .local

  14. Tommy, your tip did the trick!!! 😀

    thanks a lot.

    Ps. Your English is perfect, you should hear my Swedish 😉

  15. It is healthy, I shall come on your site more often, thank.,

  16. Thanks Tommy!

  17. Tack Tommy!

  18. Excellent post. Thank you!

  19. […] à Tommy, un lecteur du Xubuntu Blog pour cette information. Posted in […]

  20. The best idea is to go to ‘tools->catfish file searcher’ followed by selecting the ‘options’ icon and selecting ‘hidden files’. You can then search for .desktop in your home folder or from the root folder. You can check the contents of the file by dragging the file (name) to a terminal and execute the ‘cat ‘ command.

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