Script: Auto-install add-ons for Xubuntu

September 1, 2006 at 3:59 pm | Posted in scripts, xubuntu | 10 Comments

Here you have it.

This script will install everything for you: Beep-Media-Player, a Beep-Media-Player skin, aMSN, an aMSN skin, fix the CD-ROM eject problem, auto-install autologin, install IceWM, remove the system beep, install codecs, install special settings, install prelink/preload, install Flash/Java, install Ivman, set up giFT, install fonts, install extra archive support, install search with Thunar, install Opera and set it up with Xubuntu, install dash, update Xarchiver….if it can be done, it’s done. Things I’m missing are original Firefox and Thunderbird icons, extra Beep-Media-Player plugins, and perhaps tweaking xorg.conf, adding Xarchiver thunar-archive-plugin support and stopping Thunar from loading twice.

It is strongly recommended to run this after a fresh installation, some things may not work as intended otherwise. You might want to remove some options (e.g. install OpenOffice or gnome-games) beforehand.

I have no guarantee that this will work on your system!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

*ahem* Let’s get to the fun stuff. Here’s how to install it:

chmod +x ./


Known limitations:
• You’ll have to manually add menu entries to IceWM with iceme. While a good selection of apps are listed there, I can’t include every program in the menu.
• If something goes wrong during installation, you may need to edit the code to repair it. (remove any line beginning with if, else, and fi.) You may also have to remove files in ~/.install-all/backup.
• I understand loading IceWM isn’t everybody’s cup of tea; just replace xinit with startxfce4 in ~/.bash_profile.

If you find any more bugs, please let me know!


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  1. YOU ROCK!!!

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  3. Thanks alot, this is great stuff! I’m running Xubuntu Dapper 6.06.1 on an old laptop from 2000. First I tried running the script untouched on an almost fresh install, but I ran into ‘INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel’ on boot, with my only option seeming to be to reboot and see it again. So I reinstalled Xubuntu, downloaded the script, and commented out certain pieces I didn’t need – Qt and Opera, Opera Java, Autologin, Remove System Beep – and this time everything went off smoothly except Icewm, which generated some errors and couldn’t find some files/directories. Suggestion- your script could generate a log outside of the TEMP_DIR; I don’t know how to turn on console logging in Terminal.

  4. you realy cool .. that all i need .. thanks

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  6. hey there! great blog, exceptionally handy 🙂 just wondering whether theres a mirror for this download at all? doesnt appear to be alive atm.



  7. This script really isn’t worth re-posting. It’s horribly outdated, made only for Dapper, and probably broken. If you really do want it, I can upload it again though.

  8. Hello,

    It is such a very good script and its a very easy to install on any pc.

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