New Thunar Release

September 3, 2006 at 9:32 pm | Posted in xubuntu | 6 Comments

Version 0.4.0RC1 was released today! Not much to say, except for the long-awaited Trash can.

A graphical installer is available at:

Choose, and follow the instructions below. You may have to run sudo apt-get build-dep thunar beforehand.



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  1. Uhm … I’ve installed Thunar 0.4.0RC1 in my Xubuntu. The Perl modules are very easy to install using the tools that are in the Thunar installer. Install Thunar was easy (when the dependences are solved)
    Then, the next day, I’ve installed Xfce 4.4 over my Xubuntu Dapper (removing the Xfcer 4.4 beta previously) trought the source code (with more dependences problems), but I’ve reached the objetive. 😉

  2. Sorry for my english: I’m spanish and the languages are so hard to me. :S

  3. I followed these directions including sudo apt-get build-dep thunar before running the installer, Everything went well, but thunar looks the same as it did with no trash can. Ideas? It took forever on my PII 200Mhz laptop to upgrade this… and it just didn’t do anything!

  4. Installed last thunar RC.. Got Trashcan icon but if I choose Properties over it, Thunar close its window….
    Xubuntu is running on PowerPC.

  5. Thunar 0.5.0 RC2 released

    This release candidate is planned to be the last release candidate before the final release, and as such focusses on fixing leftover bugs in both packages.

  6. For more information on Thunar 0.5.0 RC2

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