Xubuntu Edgy – Upgrade Success

September 6, 2006 at 8:23 pm | Posted in reviews, xubuntu | 41 Comments

Maybe “success” isn’t the right word. I had so much Xorg breakage I had to sudo dpkg -P --force-depends half my installation. But nevertheless, I got it up and running.

Here’s what to expect in Xubuntu Edgy:

1) Desktop icons. Icons for Home, File System and Trash are enabled by default. Right clicking on them gives you an icon properties setting, and a Gnome-like desktop setting submenu. Your custom actions in Thunar are also in the right-click menu.

2) New and Improved Xarchiver with a File Roller-like extract dialog, and better add file to archive dialogs.

3) Firefox. The search engine selector on the right-hand side is more noticable (and nicer looking), there’s a better looking default theme, a built-in spell checker, a history submenu, and more. You may lose your extensions.

4) Smooth fonts!

5) Nicer, glossier icons all around , especially the Ok button.

6) Tons of beta software bound to break. Fun!

7) A usplash specially made to look terrible. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

And finally, last but definiately not least:

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Typable file selector dialogs!! You still have to click Open afterwards, but man, is it worth it.

Enjoy, everybody!


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  1. Gnome 2.16 Release Will Have Effects on Xubuntu

    being a xubuntu user I think that the most noticeable is that this new version of GNOME is based on GTK+ 2.10, with “many improvements that were made available by Project Ridley

  2. Thanks for this, though I still reckon I’ll wait a few more weeks before I start using Edgy!

  3. I have upgraded to Edgy on 3 machines: an e-Vectra with 600Mhz PIII, 256M, Intel 810 video and standard onboard sound and NIC, 20GB IDE;

    Asrock Dual SATA 939 w/ULi 1695 chipset, Athlon 64 3500, ALi onboard NIC, nVidia 7300GT, onboard sound, 1G, 2 Seagate SATA II, 1 Samsung SATA I, and a 20G IDE;

    Generic Athlon MB, Athlon 1700, 768M, 40G IDE, 37G SATA, ATI 9000, onboard NIC and sound.

    Main pxs: have to use command line to open Frostwire; looking forward to Automatix working again; have not been able to get my DOS games to work w/DOSBOX or DOSEMU. I use Cinelerra on the Athlon 64 system and it works flawlessly so far.

  4. “You still have to click Open afterwards, but man, is it worth it.”

    Why not just press enter?

  5. how can u remove the file system icon on the desktop

    sorry n00bish linux user

    also when u click the icon u get the desktop sub menu how can i make that the default menu when i right click anywhere on the desktop similar to nautilus

    I have another problem is when open gaim windows or thunar windows they all seem to open at x , y = 0, 0 is there a way for the xfwm to rem the last location?

  6. I have a packages of XFCE 4.4 for ubuntu edgy. Good way to install that packages and not to brake the system. http://tech.tolero.org/blog/en/linux/xfce-440-packages-for-ubuntu-edgy

  7. Oh wait. Yes, I have. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it in me right now to type it all out again. Besides, it was just ramblings anyway. You didn’t want to hear me go on and on about this, right?

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