The most comprehensive list of lightweight apps I’ve seen

September 13, 2006 at 5:19 pm | Posted in tips and tricks, xubuntu | 5 Comments

I’m suprised I’ve never mentioned this.

This site has a very nice list of apps that can help you lighten up your Xubuntu even more. Some programs may need more tweaking than others: you can use his guide to setting up Debian here: (it should work on Xubuntu too).

I’ve been using this for years, no problems. I hope it works for you too.



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  1. […] It was of today, many thanks to this most interesting pointer, that I was but a viewer of a most useful list of lightweight applications for Linux. But my happiness with such a fantastic discovery became a feeling of the utmost fear and disgust when I was a noticer that Opera was not on the list, but Mozilla Firefox was! […]

  2. yeah, Opera should be on there, it runs better on weaker systems than Firefox. I guess they should just put both and swiftfox too.

  3. It’s really not very comprehensive. There is a lot there, but there are also surprising omissions. They’ve missed some of the best stuff, like (the aforementioned) Opera, pork, ROX, PCmanFM, and IceWM.

  4. PCmanFM is not fast at all, but I’ll add it. Icewm has always been in the list, as it’s the wm I use.
    Opera wasn’t on there because I only wanted to list opensource apps, though I’ve added it a while ago because it’s the browser I use mostly. Rox has been listed on there previously, but since it isn’t fast either and I don’t like it it isn’t. But I’ll list it again.

    Pork isn’t listed because I don’t use AIM, and i think irc + bitlbee is easiest to get on most chat networks. I’ll try it out and list it if I like it.

    Though of course this is not a very comprehensive list.. because mostly it lists what I use or what I tried.. It might be a good idea though, to add a link to a linuxquestions thread where people can give suggestions.. So it would be of more use. There are already quite a few threads about lightweight apps on the Arch linux forum which are a great resource. I will add links to those threads and other lightweight linux initiatives.

  5. There’s something about PCmanFM and Rox that feel really awkard for me to use, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Thunar is just fine for me, as is xfe.
    Opera for me is lightning fast at first, but after a while it becomes a real memory hog.
    I’ve never even heard of Pork…is it a console program?
    As for IceWM, it’s probably one of the most definitive lightweight programs IMO…I’m using it right now.
    Even if the list isn’t complete, I’ve visited this site constantly for the past four years, back when I used K-Meleon on Windows.

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