Flash 9 for Xubuntu

August 14, 2006 at 5:46 pm | Posted in tips and tricks, xubuntu | 191 Comments

When Flash 8 and 9 weren’t released for Linux, I thought, “why doesn’t someone just edit Flash’s code and change the 7 to a 9?” Turns out it’s possible. Here’s how:

1) Make a back-up of the file ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat:

cp ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat.bak

2) Edit that file:

nano ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat

3) Replace the lines that say

Shockwave Flash 7.0 r63:$


Shockwave Flash 9.0 r63:$

Voila, you have Flash 9! (kind-of.) Enjoy.

(Credit goes to forrestcupp at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=236413 and deanlinkous at http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210945. Thank you!)



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  1. Has stopped the annoying “myspace now uses Flash 9” message every time I log into it. Thanx!

  2. Not a bad idea. How well does it work though? When surfing on my windows machine at work I sometimes see errors like “You must have the latest flash: when surfing to certain web pages. Youtube comes to mind. Why would those sites use a tool that restrict their web apps to the latest flash unless it was truly needed? Or do you think it was hard coded into whatever tool or compiler was used to make the web apps?

    That’s mostly conjecture. Ignore it if you like, but I would like to know how well Flash 7 works renamed as Flash 9.

  3. Try it and see. This is just for sites that block out people with other than Flash 9. If a Flash is built with Flash 9 with Flash 9 technologies, no, it won’t work well.

  4. […] My word! A problem I most certainly have encountered is web sites that demand one to use the latest version of Flash. But myself, as a Kubuntu Linux user, I cannot yet as of this time use the latest version! We are of the unfortunates to have to be users of the Flash 7 plugin. Fear not, I say! For it was of today that I found this article that tells of a way to play a trickster! […]

  5. LOL, you talk like this is something new.

  6. I never would’ve thought about this at all. Heck, I was ready to reverse-engineer Flash just to change the 7 to a 9.

  7. Fflash 9 para Ubuntu (hack)

    pequeño hack para Firefox en Ubuntu

  8. You may want to use
    Shockwave Flash 9.0 r16:$

    The r16 is what I have (I use Kubuntu with crossover and flash9)

  9. Nice hack!

  10. […] Link’s Flash 9 for Xubuntu [vía Xubuntu Blog] […]

  11. […] With this tweak, you can trick Firefox into thinking it has Flash 9. It’s not completely fool-proof, but it works on sites like Myspace.read more | digg story […]

  12. […] En el blog Xubuntu he encontrado un pequeño “hack” para “hacer creer” a las páginas que tenemos instalado Flash 9. […]

  13. The *real* story here is how companies like Adobe, and sites like Digg, force users to upgrade software for no reason.

  14. […] read more | digg story […]

  15. This is really interesting.

  16. Cómo Instalar “Flash 9″ para Linux

    Ahí les va un pequeño truco para hacer creer al browser que tenemos instalado el Flash Player 9 en Linux (o Ubuntu por supuesto) y evitar esos molestos mensajes al navegar.

    1. Hacer un backup de el archivo pluginreg.dat:
    cp ~/.mozilla/firefox/plu…

  17. >>The *real* story here is how companies like Adobe, and sites like Digg, force users to upgrade software for no reason.

    Uhh…what about security holes (on Windows, anyway)
    Requiring the newest version is probably the simplest way to get most MySpace users to patch up.

  18. Great post, I’ll try it!

  19. […] Hace unos pocos posts comentaba que tenía instalado Linux en mi segundo ordenador, y Jose preguntaba por Flash en Linux, como estaba el tema del desarrollo de dicho plugin para esta plataforma, pues he encontrado alguna cosilla, sobre Flash y Ubuntu, mas info aquí. […]

  20. Flash 8 e 9 en Ubuntu

    “Cando souben que a version 8, e despois a 9, de Flash non estaban soportadas en Linux pensei: porque non toca alguen o codigo e cambia o 7 por un 9?”… asi comeza este interesante artigo para o bricoleur do sistema operativo.

  21. […] With this tweak, you can trick Firefox into thinking it has Flash 9. It’s not completely fool-proof, but it works on sites like Myspace.read more | digg story […]

  22. […] With this tweak, you can trick Firefox into thinking it has Flash 9. It’s not completely fool-proof, but it works on sites like Myspace.read more | digg story […]

  23. What exactly is the point of this? I know it can be frustrating when you cant access some content online but this is normally for a reason.
    I know when I am developing in Flash I always aim to export my swf to the lowest possible Flash player version. But if I state you need a certain version to view a swf its because YOU NEED THAT VERSION TO VIEW THE SWF!

    Different flash versions give the developer different ‘toys’ to play with. And without the correct player version these new ‘toys’ wont work. So why fool the site into thinking you can cope with the content when you cant? All you get instead of the standard ‘please ugrade your flash player’ message will be a broken swf.

    Infact this method could cause you problems as you wont receive any notification to tell you that the movie wont run. It just wont run – or certain parts of it wont function correctly. So how do you know that it is your browser ‘hack’ or an actual broken swf?

    Also the poor developer could spend ages scratching his head wondering why his stats have recorded 1000 people viewing the page but only 900 instances of the swf loading.

  24. neat trick 🙂

  25. Yeah… speaking as a Flash developer that’s just silly. Flash versions are incompatible with each other. I’m surprised it works at all, it seems the files you are viewing are actually just older versions that manufacture the requirement for Flash 9.

    Flash 9 for Linux is coming soon, just hold on for a little longer.

  26. […] Ya podemos terminar con la expectativa y dejar de esperar porque Adobe lo termine de una vez: con este pequeño truco podemos hacer creer a nuestro querido Firefox que tenemos instalado Flash 9 y así poder acceder a aquellos sitios que reniegan de la vetusta versión 7 para Linux con la que tenemos que arreglarnos desde hace 2 años. Las instrucciones detalladas para este truco, que debe funcionar en cualquier distribución, también pueden encontrarse en castellano en este blog. […]

  27. […] Pedi prestado de acá. […]

  28. Aaron I understand your point, but do you insure that there is a version for all OS?
    That is the issue, windows users get the new version of flash, but no one else does.
    I am a linux user as most of the others are, we are tired of being overlooked everytime something like flash is updated.

  29. […] Bueno, pues como yo ya me temía, he podido comprobar que eso de “necesitas flash 9″ es una mentira como una casa. Porque puedes ejecutar el mismo archivo flash con la version 7 del plugin. Y cómo lo he comprobado, pues muy fácil, la verdad es que era tan fácil que me siento tonto por no haberlo pensado antes, el truco que debemos hacer los linuxeros para que esas páginas no nos molesten es timarlas, estafarlas, engañarlas. ¿cómo? diciéndoles que sí que tenemos flash 9. Esta mañana encontré el truco en un blog en inglés sobre xubuntu, y ya está en menéame, así que mira qué alegría. De todos modos, lo cuento: sólo hay que modificar el archivo que contiene la información sobre los plugins de firefox, cambiando la versión 7.063 por 9.063. (el archivo en cuestión es ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat ) […]

  30. Metacafe also works with this “hack”. Congrats!!

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  32. This basically boils down to whether you are willing to take the chance that the page you are looking at will not work properly, or just seeing a “please upgrade” message and being forced to reboot into Windows. (or just find a different site)

    Sure, any site that’s built using some of the new features of Flash 8/9 won’t work, but there are sites like myspace that’ll do an across the board upgrade, while a good deal of the pages would’ve continued to work perfectly fine in 7.

    Not an ultimate fix, but I guess it’ll have to do till Adobe sees fit to make Flash 9 for us ‘nix users.

    Great tip.

  33. […] Aunque ahora, según nos comentan en Xubuntu Blog, podemos cambiar un archivo de configuración del Plugin Flash de Firefox para engañar a las páginas que nos piden una versión superior a la 7 para entrar. El proceso es bien sencillo solo consiste en cambiar la identificación de nuestro flash player de 7.0 r63 a 9.0 r63, con este sencillo cambio pasaremos las comprobaciones de todas esas paginas. […]

  34. this is a horrible idea, and will push the use of Flash9 even more, that mean MORE FLASH, but flash that will work poorly.

    Please, DON’T DO THAT.

  35. Aaron, as long as you don’t care about making your site accessable to me on linux I don’t care if you scratch yourself bald trying to figure out why it didn’t load. The poor developer needs to know what platforms flash 9 is available to before he starts using the “toys” that probably don’t add anything that is not extreamly annoying anyhow.

  36. […] Ovviamente non avrete flash 9, quindi questo trucchetto non funzionerà se davvero fosse necessario il plugin in questione. [via xubuntu blog] […]

  37. […] The Xubuntu blog has a tutorial on how to change Flash’s user agent version so that you can bypass those annoying gateway pages that say “You must have the latest version of Macromedia Flash to continue”. I used it and it worked great for the sites I wanted it for, now I don’t have to start up Windows Firefox in WINE to view them. One thing I will say though is that I needed to edit ~/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat in addition to ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat. Other than that it worked perfectly. […]

  38. […] With this tweak, you can trick Firefox into thinking it has Flash 9. It’s not completely fool-proof, but it works on sites like Myspace.read more | digg story […]

  39. flash and pdf files do not belong on the internet…they belong insode games on mobile phones and in your photo ablum on the ePaper. but not on the web as a medium to present information.

    Unlike html, svg and css…you cant index any textual content contained therein (if any)
    Unlike html, svg and css…you cant have the text present translated by the software….
    Unlike html, svg and css…you cant open a flash file with a text editor.
    Unlike html, svg and css…you are restricted to one piece of software…a very expensive one at that.
    Unlike html, svg and css…older viewing software wont be able to read the latest flash files.
    Unlike html, svg and css…flash is a comiled binary…which means that any software that provides assistance to blind or deaf users will be unable to read or even interpret any information in the file unless it were to be made available outside the binary as plain text…

    and lastley i really dislike flash because it does not provide backwards or forwards redundancy…if you cant load the fie at all then you cant get any information at all…too bad.

    and for those who may disagree with me …then i invite you to look at why the internet was created…and you’ll quickly find redunancy in layers is a theme that reverberates through and through the entire sub-strucutre of the internet.

    this is a call out to the dream floating shockwave website creators…..makes some REAL websites.

  40. Cem: As I said wherever possible I try to save to the lowest flash player version possible.
    Its like saying some visitors might be using a text only browser ( like lynx ) so i’d better not use any images!!
    Which of course is non-sense what I do instead is I provide an alt attribute on my img tag. You know an ALTERNATIVE. This way should the user’s browser not support my uber-cool, .png beta badge image they will see the alt attributes value instead.
    This is much the same as how I work with Flash. If I detect a user does not have the required Player version then I provide some alternative content. Wether this be a swf -bells -whistles or a HTML page, they still see something.
    If you attempt to fool the flash player the only alternative you may get is a broken swf.
    Thankfully I wont be ‘scratching myself bald’ as I dont depend upon the browser reporting the player version correctly instead I use a form of object detection within the swf – so this trick doesnt effect me anyways 😉
    But not all developers will have done this so you’re only cheating yourself.

  41. Oh and one last thing to airtonix. Wrong ,wrong, wrong, wrong ,wrong!!!

    “Unlike html, svg and css…you cant index any textual content contained therein”

  42. and of course it would strip out rest of my post. Cant be bothered (dont have time) to type it up again but:

    <nutshell>Adobe has already launched an SDK for indexing text/links within compilled swfs. This technology is already adopted by major search engines and some screenreaders. So your points are complete rubbish!</nutshell>

    more info at: http://www.adobe.com/licensing/developer/

  43. […] With this tweak, you can trick Firefox into thinking it has Flash 9. It’s not completely fool-proof, but it works on sites like Myspace.read more | digg story […]

  44. […] Flash 9 for Xubuntu « Xubuntu Blog feel good linux tech ubuntu web 2.0   […]

  45. […] Flash 9 for Xubuntu « Xubuntu Blog feel good linux tech ubuntu web 2.0   […]

  46. Actually I think credit goes to me…

    This actually wasn;t the first time I posted this. I originally posted it in another forum about 6 months before this IIRC.

    Amazing what we call a community nowadays…

  47. Sorry! I had never found that post. I’ll mention you too.

  48. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LINUX HERE. Spankbot’s post is right on. Blocking Linux users because they have an earlier version (that still works in many cases) is lame.

    Consider yourself spanked. Long live the Spankbot.

  49. […] Pero vamos a lo importante. ¿Sabías que existe un truco para hacerles creer a las páginas que tienes Flash versión 9 y no 7? Sólo tienes que abrir el archivo ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat y cambiar: “Shockwave Flash 7.0 r63:$” […]

  50. I am a recent convert to Xubuntu/Linux. I also detest flash but honestly there are many times not having it becomes frustrating. I can’t help it. Some of my family members, friends, etc,..use Windows. 🙂

    Just a thought on flash.

    [I am certainly not a software engineer]

    Why can’t someone proxy flash so that you could set up a proxy to view flash files? It may be slow but it would beat to death having to install Wine, etc.Could that be done? I dunno.

    In regards to the trick to “see flash” with instructions above somebody needs to make it a nice extension for Firefox…Hint Hint….


  51. Worked great (like folks said) for sites that do a check on the version (nfluk.com).

    Thanks so much for this!!

  52. well that is almost – credit where credit is due, i think 🙂

  53. See, Aaron, here’s the thing: I don’t see why you’re taking offense. You require the lowest possible version. Great. You provide alternative webpages for those without flash. Great. Wonderful.

    The fact remains, you can’t reason from your own development ethic out to a generalization about the whole world of Flash developers. There ARE developers out there who, through ignorance, arrogance, or impudence deliberately exclude Linux users. This hack isn’t meant to tick you off… it’s meant to “stick it to the man.” “The man”, in this case, includes Myspace and multiple other “big” websites who should know better but apparently don’t.

  54. […] 在 Linux 上, 最新的 Flash Player 版本是 7 , 並沒有 8 的版本. 所以許多 Flash 8 only 的網站都看不到. 雖然可以用 wine 裝 IE + flash player 或者是在 firefox 動手腳偽裝, 但前者效能不好且麻煩, 後者只能欺騙沒用到新的API的flash檔. 經過這麼多的等待, Flash Player 9 beta 終於要發行了! […]

  55. ¡¡¡ Hola amigos!!! … Ya estoy harto de tener mil problemas con el windows. ASí que decidí cambiar a UBUNTU. Ahora tengo algunos problemillas, no puedo ver Youtube ( falta inst. flash player) así que intenté hacerlo y sigo sin poder verlo.

    Que estará mal? … observé dentro de:
    -Sistema de archivos – usr – lib – mozilla – plugin (Se encuentra el archivo libflashplayer.so.
    tambien esta dentro de esta carpetita.
    -Sistema de archivos – usr – lib – mozilla Firefox – plugin (Se encuentra el archivo libflashplayer.so.

    Si pareciera que ya está todo … porque no me funciona, no entiendo, Tengo firefox 2.
    Gracias. Soy uno mas que deja windows, ayúdenme por favor.

  56. Well, there’s a real Flash 9 for Linux. It’s still a beta, but I’ve been using it for a couple of months without much trouble. My firefox (version 2.0) sometimes crashes after using a heavy flash app, but at least the sound works nice, I can see text that I wasn’t able to see with flash 7 and I can access all those ‘Flash 9 only’ sites.
    You can get the beta from http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/“. Ths blog belongs to one of the members of the adobe linux team, so it’s a good news source if you want to know what’s happening with their linux support.

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  61. firefox flash hack linux ubuntu

    […]Flash 9 for Xubuntu Xubuntu Blog[…]

  62. […] Ovviamente non avrete flash 9, quindi questo trucchetto non funzionerà se davvero fosse necessario il plugin in questione. [via xubuntu blog] […]

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  64. Awesome dude. Didn’t work straight away but a few tweaks got it going. Can’t say what actually got it going so I don’t want to post back in case someone follows it and breaks there comp!

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